Benefits of Hiring a Professional Carpenter to Design and Build a Custom Mantel

Mantels, whether custom or bought at the nearest Home Depot are amazing aesthetic pieces that can further enhance the beauty of your home and add some character too; particularly the fireplace or the living room. Having a mantel always makes the living room and fireplace more refined and sophisticated. 

This is even more important when the fireplace is the highpoint of your living room. But, when you hire a professional carpenter to create custom mantel designs and build them, you’re essentially distinguishing your home from every other home around the block. While you could go get one of the mass produced mantels at Costco, having a custom mantel specifically made for your home by a highly experienced carpenter is always a better option. Here’s why:

Unique Designs

If you’re okay with walking into a neighbor’s house to find your exact mantel in their home, then there’s no problem. But, for homeowners with discerning and refined taste, that is usually unacceptable.  Therefore, if you love having unique and exquisite designs that probably won’t be seen anywhere else in Ohio –and probably nowhere else for that matter- , then you need a professional custom mantel designer and carpenter.

 It’s kind of like walking into Home Depot and picking up their mass-produced kitchen cabinets. Sure, they could be sturdy and functional, but if you don’t want your kitchen looking like the one across the street, you need something different. A home with a uniquely designed mantel is one that’s envied by friends and neighbors. And the best part is you alone get to have that design. So, even if you refer your friends or neighbors to us, you can be sure they won’t get the exact same design as the one in your living room or fireplace.

Easy Measurements and Installation

The disadvantages of mass produced mantels include possible difficult installations and inaccurate measurements… among other things. But with custom built mantels made by a seasoned woodworking expert in Ohio, this won’t be a problem. This is because the carpenter will visit to take the measurements and involve you throughout the process of designing and conceptualizing the mantel through it installation. The fact is that a custom built mantel is always easy to install, seeing as the measurements were already taken before construction.

Secure Installation

While you could try fitting a generic mantel on your fireplace without any previous measurements, the reality is the mantel can fall off at any time and damaging the fireplace surround in the process. Avoid this by getting an experienced carpenter to handle this aspect of your home improvement. No matter how handy you may be, there will always be things you need with. Installing your mantel securely without any risk of it falling is one of those things.

If you need custom mantel designs and construction from an award-winning professional carpenter in Ohio, call us for a free estimate now or email us and we’ll be right with you. 


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