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Let's take a closer look at a special project for our feline friends

Sharing your home with a cat or two is very rewarding; looking at the litter box all day is not. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could hide that unsightly cat box and get an attractive piece of furniture in the process?

Now you can. Thanks to the power of custom wood working and the expertise of a Columbus carpenter, you can transform that ugly cat box into a thing of beauty. Our custom woodworking plans allow cat owners to disguise that most basic of feline necessities — the cat box — in a variety of clever and creative ways. Of course we can serve the needs of non cat owners as well, The only limit is your creativity. Whether you need a custom coffee table for your living room or a new vanity for the master bedroom, we can beautify your living space and enhance your home.

Beauty for Your Home - Privacy for Your Cat

The benefits of custom cabinetry and quality woodworking go far beyond the needs of your cat. Hiding the cat box behind a more attractive veneer is one thing, but it is only part of the services we offer. Ready-made furniture might look nice for a year or two, but custom cabinetry is built to withstand a lifetime of use. The value of quality woodworking grows with each passing year, while shoddy construction is no bargain.

A custom-designed and highly attractive cat box can even help solve litter box problems in shy cats. Most cats are scrupulously clean, but an improperly placed cat box can cause them to relieve themselves elsewhere. Hiding the cat box behind custom cabinetry can give your feline companion the privacy it needs and deserves.

Custom Convenience for You and Your Cat

When you choose a customized cat box for your four-legged friend, the possibilities are almost endless. You can design a cat box that includes storage for extra litter, scoops and other necessities. You can also adorn the top of the custom cat box however you want. The only ones who will know there is a cat box hidden inside are you and your cat.

Custom wood working has always had the power to transform homes and lives, and these beautifully customized cat boxes can enhance your living space while hiding an unsightly necessity from view. No matter what kind of custom cat box you need, your local Columbus carpenter can help you and your cat live a more beautiful lifestyle.

Give Your Cat Her Own Throne Room With These Custom Cat Boxes

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I started Dave’s Carpentry back in 1996. Before this I worked for Complete Carpentry, Ruscilli, Nadalin Construction and Travis Construction. I have developed my skills over the past 30 years. I’ve run my own construction business successfully for over 20 years. This has given me a great opportunity to work closely with homeowners and really understand their wants and needs.

I pride myself on being able to handle any project big or small. From remodeling your kitchen to putting on a screen door, I will provide the same high quality service on each and every project.

Some of my Carpentry services include, but are not limited to, building custom mantels, bookcases, cabinets, decks, base, crown, casing trim moldings, remodel basements, remodel kitchens, remodel bathrooms, many different types of repair work and much, much more…

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