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Finish & Trim Carpentry

What is the Difference Between Finish and Trim Carpentry?

Fundamentally these are the same thing, finish carpentry is the last step of a carpenter’s work. Pretty much anything you can see as a finished product is finish carpentry. Anything hidden inside a wall or supporting a deck is considered rough carpentry and is not finish or trim carpentry. Finish carpentry is the carpentry performed at the end of a building job; the finishing touches.

Building and remodeling is done in a series of steps. As each step progresses specific jobs are done by experience professionals in certain fields. For example you can have a concrete pourer laying down a the foundation for a new addition to a home, then a rough carpenter framing in the walls, then electricians, plumbers, etc. Each of these professionals do their job and lay the foundation for the next guy to do his work.

At the end of the project the finish carpenter comes in and puts the final touches on the project. Such things as the baseboard, crown molding, other types of molding, window sills, etc are all done by the finish carpenter.

As all these elements are what you and your friends will be looking at the most, you can see why finish carpentry requires special skills and an eye for detail as takes a great deal of skill and experience to make it aesthetically appealing. This can create a high demand for finish carpenters.

It can take years for a carpenter to really develop his craft to the point where he is a competent finish carpenter.

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There are plenty of carpenters in Columbus that will be able to give you a quality job at a very reasonable price. The important thing to do before you reach out to them is to come up with an idea of what you want to have done to your home, or your furniture. Without a good idea as to what you want to have done, you won’t be able to get a reliable quote from your carpenter. Still, if you are indecisive about the nitty gritty details of a particular project, a carpenter will be able to help you come up with a good and affordable solution.

Most Carpenters will discuss your needs with you and most will offer a free estimate. Always get an estimate before starting work, get several estimates if you feel the need for it. Most estimates will remain good for at least 30 days and sometimes longer.

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